Sol the Role Playing Game is a joint creation between Nathan  ‘Beetle’  Tucker and Kyle  ‘Swarm It’  Mooney as an open platform to tell stories and create a living, breathing universe as well as to design a game with easy to use mechanics but an endless amount of variation.

Live the sci-fi dream. In Sol, your choices matter; from the first minute of creating your character down to the last second of the final battle. Every part of Sol is designed to allow you to customize how you play to your heart’s content. That extends even beyond the game to this website itself.

We want your input, your feedback, and to get it we’ve made every part of the game available digitally through this site as well as a free mod for Tabletop Simulator. Download it, play it, and tell us what you think. If you have comments, concerns, or ideas for new content then send us messages, posts, tweets, everything. Just jump on over to our Contact page.

Sol first started taking form in Fall 2015 and saw its first full game at the beginning of 2016 with the Breaking and Entering Campaign.

Currently Sol has 7 Races, 21 Classes, with 5 Abilities per Class where each Character can pick 3, ending up with a total of 1323 different combinations. That’s math to show your choice means everything in Sol.

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