Patch History

Patch 1.4 – The Trait Update (Current Patch)
New Mechanics
  • Trait system has been added to replace the former stat scaling system. Primary stats now build into trait cards. There are 4 Categories, one for each stat (STR, INT, END, AGL). There are also 5 Subcategories and 5 Tiers. Each Tier unlocks for every 5 points you have in a stat in that tree. You may only pick one Trait per Category.
  • New “Plate” Stat added – This is essentially STAM but for mechanical constructs.
  • Stat Learning System has been added – Players now gain +1 to a stat when rolling a critical hit or fail. The stat in question is to be determined by the GM based on the player’s actions.
  • Loot Dice have been added – Loot Dice decide what rarity and type of loot you get from random drops.
Race Changes
  • Human Multiclassing no longer has stat requirements. You can now multiclass as any two classes when playing a human. Other restrictions, such as only using damage multiplier abilities from one of the two classes, still apply.
Subrace Changes
  • Negative stats were removed.
  • Positive stats were buffed to +5.
  • Other general CON and STAM tweaks.
Class Changes
  • General Stat rebalancing on the account of Traits.
    • CON based classes have been changed to INT.
    • A few changed to healing classes and hybrid classes as well.
Ability Changes
  • Marksman: Sniper Specialist –  (Passive) Gain +1 to ranged attack rolls every turn you stand still.
  • Psychologist: Wise Words – (Active) (10 CON) For the next turn your party can use abilities without paying their cost.
  • Computer Specialist: Software Update (Active) (4 CON) – Allows you increase all stats of an item by 1. This effect persists till you select a new item to update.
  • Robotics Engineer (Originally Engineer) – Passive: Bonus +5 INT
    • Command: Mimic – (Passive) All your pets now gain the Passive effects of your equipped weapons.
    • Hardworking – (Passive) You may now use as many additional abilities as you like. However when you use an additional ability it’s cost is double. This multiplier is increased by 1 for each additional ability used.
    • Construct Battle-Bot – (Active) (3 CON) Construct a robot with PLT of 10, DMG of 2, and MOV of 5.
    • Construct Repair-Bot – (Active) (3 CON) Construct a robot with PLT of 10 that can heal 2 STAM range of 1 and MOV of 5.
    • Construct Tesla Sentry – (Active) (6 CON) Construct a sentry with 10 PLT up to 6 spaces away. This sentry creates a 5×5 field of energy that disables all shields of anyone standing in it. Additionally enemies standing in the field at the end of the turn take 5 DMG.
Item changes
  • Items no longer have stat bonus and have been tweaked accordingly to compensate.
  • Robotics Engineer’s legendaries reworked to reflect their new abilities.
  • Consumable robots (that sounds weird) have been changed to reflect PLT and Engineer changes.
1.3 – Post Unusual Suspects Campaign – The Item Update.
Race Changes
  • Human’s using the Multiclassing Racial Passive may only take damage multiplying abilities or multiple attack per turn abilities from one of their two multiclasses, unless the abilities are from the same class.
Classes Changes
  • SEAL Name Change – As much as we all love seals (cute, fuzzy babies) we’ve been trying to make the game a little more coherent and we didn’t want the class to be faction specific, so it was renamed.
    • SEAL class has been renamed Marksman
  • Merchant Rework – The merchant felt a little underpowered and had no natural combo so we decided to buff Trade Contact.
    • Trade Contract – (Passive) Starts each session with 1 free random item. In addition you gain 1 free item when players roll a critical hit.
    • Loan – (Passive) Allows you to use your party members items within 10 spaces if the target is willing. (Does not work for wears.)
  • Pirate Rework –  Gun Blade reworked to fit with the new dual wielding system, and Remove Scurvy buffed to encourage being picked over other abilities.
    • Gun Blade – (Passive) Wielding a gun and a sword increases your hit roll by +2.
    • Remove Scurvy – (Active, Interrupt) (CON 12) Heals all allies within 3 tiles for 5 STAM and grants you +1 DMG for the number of allies healed.
  • Doctor Rework –  the old Intensive Surgery felt like it slowed down the game so it was reworkedinto something that felt faster and more rewarding.
    • Intensive Surgery – (Toggle) Healing a target while Intensive surgery is active costs 2 CON but heals the Target for double (x2).
  • Assassin Reworkhaving an ability that you could only use a few times a game seemed pointless so we buffed First Strike and it now can be used more often.
    • First Strike – (Passive) Deal double (x2) DMG if you are not in combat, disguised or invisible.
  • Knight Rework – We wanted the knight to be able to dual wielded with the new rework so weadded Twin Blades and removed Fencer. Fencer seemed excessive with sweep attack anyway, along with the mobility not making a ton of sense. Although expect to see this ability reworked onto a kit in the future.
    • Fencer ability has been replaced with “Twin Blades”.
    • Twin Blades – (Passive) While dual wielding two melee weapons increases your hit roll by +2.
Item Changes
  • New Dual Wielding system – Only having certain items that were dual wieldable felt a little weird so we decided to create a new system based off of the old weight (WT) system.
    • Dual Wielding – Dual Wield weapons now lower your hit roll by the combined weights of both weapons. This means pretty much every item can now be dual wielded at the expense of accuracy.
  • Rarity system implemented – This is an easy indicator of how good the item you have found is. Along with making it easier to sort through cards and making it so better ones are harder to find.
  • Item subclasses implemented – Mostly an organizational feature but may come into play with other things in the future.
  • Over 50 new items with special powers to make your abilities better. – We wanted to make some items that felt super rewarding to get so we made these.
  • All 237 items reworked. – There were a lot of items changes that needed to happen so we did them all at once.
    • Damage and Armor had been added to most rares and legendaries.
    • Weight balance to reflect new dual wielding system.
    • Money balanced for character creation.
  • New and improved cards. – We decided to make some new cards to help reflect the new changes. They look nice. Deal with it.

…. And more, check the full item list for details.

New Race – Biss

The Biss can pick an additional ability from their class. Biss are also 2×2 in size.


  • Craftmaster – +5 STAM, +6 CON, +1 ARM, +5 MOV, Double highest stat roll
    •  A subset of the Biss who are determined to enhance their natural skills, and become the best at what they do, throwing aside all desires and not letting anything stand in their way.
  • Heartblind – +5 STAM, +6 CON, +1 ARM, +5 MOV, Triple lowest stat roll.
    • A subset of the Biss who defy their culture and try to become the best at what they love rather than enhancing their innate skills.
1.2 – Post Breaking and Entering Campaign
Stat Changes
  • You can now extend the range of your ranged weapon by taking a -1 to the hit roll per every extra square.
  • WT in relation to carrying capacity has been removed. Instead has been replaced with an item 10 card limit (Excluding Consumables).
    • Didn’t know this existed you say? Probably because it was too complicated and time consuming to enforce. WT will now only be used in terms of abilities like “Bribe” or items like the “Bayonet.”
  • ARM now can go negative. If you have negative armor, you take additional damage whenever you actually take damage. This is really more a clarification but DON’T SAY WE DON’T TELL YOU THINGS.
New Race
  • There’s a new sub race for Humans called AI. AIs are a unique INT based race where you take all your stat rolls and combine them to get one super high INT stat. AI’s are pretty weak with only 5 STAM but they live inside a computer chip inside armor, ships, or other technology so it’s very hard to take damage except when fighting another AI.
Race Changes
  • Base Concentration has been lowered across most subraces from the standard 15. Terrans and Lunarians still start with the standard 15.
    • Mercurian now starts with 10 Concentration
    • Venerian now starts with 12 Concentration
    • Martian now starts with 12 Concentration
    • Plutonian now starts with 10 Concentration
New Class
  • We have a new class to try too, the Computer Specialist, a caster style INT class focused around supporting their party by inhibiting or enhancing technology and dealing with AIs.
  • Computer Specialist – Passively gets +5 INT
    • Hack – (Active) (6 CON) Allows you to take control of technology. This can also deal 1 DMG to technology.
    • Lockdown – (Active) (6 CON) Allows you to lockdown technology and prevent it from working, Stunning it for one turn. Targets may role to reset.
    • Insight – (Active) (4 CON) Allows you to search and identify weaknesses, stats, and abilities of a target.
    • Software Update (Active) (2 CON) – Allows you to Imbue +5 to any one core stat (STR, INT, AGL, END) onto a technology based item. This effect persists till you select a new piece of technology to update.
    • Echo – (Active, interrupt) (4 CON) Allows you to make a target to repeat their last action.
General Class Changes
  • The Mercenary Class has been merged with the Infantry Class and renamed to Marine.
    • They were basically the same anyway. Clarity for the win.
  • Removal of passive item bonus from all class.
    • Character creation will now give you more options since you won’t be locked into preset items
  • Multi-Classing is now a Human specific racial passive.
    • As you saw last campaign, humans aren’t the only thing in the galaxy…
Class Reworks
  • Marine (Former Infantry/Mercenary)
    • Spray and Pray – Modified to allow for more damage but at a lower success rate.
    • Duck and Cover – Now an active that grants flat armor without any weird requirements
    • Adrenaline – Deals bonus damage every 3rd attack. Not completely worthless now.
  • Heavy Weapons
    • Suppressive Fire – Grants more armor to the team. Now worth taking.
    • Spray and Pray – See above Marine notes.
    • Turret – Now grants double DMG instead of a puny +1 DMG.
  • SEAL
    • Head Shot – Lowered Concentration cost to 8 CON. Hit roll is now lowered by 10 instead of 5.
    • Tactical Maneuvers – Now gives +2 DMG instead of +1 DMG.
  • Knight
    • Chivalry – Now requires you to take the damage for your ally but you gain +3 ARM. Be that tanky support.
  • Medic
    • Hunker Down – Now costs 8 CON from 7 CON
    • Stim Pack – Now costs 8 CON from 7 CON
  • Officer
    • Micromanager – Increased cost to 4 CON from 2 CON. Clarified that you actually use your whole turn. No free movements!
  • Doctor
    • Revive – No longer once per game. Start playing healers, dang it!
    • Tissue Reinforcement (NEW!) – Increase target’s max STAM by 5 for the rest of combat. Replaced Disease Control. Because why?
    • Intensive Surgery – Now heals both the Doctor and a target to full STAM. Only takes 2 turns to use.
  • Psychologist – REWORK. Not like you’ll notice because no one played them.
    • Amnesia (NEW) – Causes a target to forget something. Costs 4 CON.
    • Hypnotize (NEW) – Take your turn as an enemy character. Costs 6 CON.
    • Wise Words – Now gives all party players +10 INT. Only costs 6 CON from 10 CON.
    • Insight and Sleep are still the same. Still never got used.
  • Diplomat
    • Micromanager – See changes as in Officer.
    • Ambassador – Interrupt, Allows you to force a re-roll for any character. Doesn’t work on crits. Costs 2 CON.
  • Explorer – REWORK. Now they actually have a point and identity. Before they were lost, like my teenage angst years.
    • Passive – Class starts with +2 INT, +1 STR, and the Grapple Gun item.
    • Sprint – Lowered Stamina cost to 1 STAM from 2 STAM. Not once per game anymore
    • X Marks The Spot (NEW) – Passive that marks any character the Explorer attacks. If another character attacks the marked target, they take +2 DMG.
    • Dash and Slash – Does half weapon damage instead of flat 2 DMG.
  • Bounty Hunter
    • Jump Jets – Lowered cost to 6 CON from 9 CON.
  • Nomad
    • Forceful Fists – Now costs 2 STAM for bonus damage. Still heals for 2 STAM. Cannot be toggled when using Relentless Assault. Still let’s you do the same damage and get the same healing but over a slightly longer time. Also gives you the Nomadic Fists item.
    • Forceful Kick – Gives you the Nomadic Kicks item.
    • Intercept – Costs 4 CON from 6 CON. Now forces you to take damage but gives you the opportunity to attack the target and kill them first.
  • Bartender
    • Open Tab – No longer once per combat. Spam it for all its worth!
  • DJ
    • Harmonize – Now officially an interrupt. Costs 4 CON from 6 CON. Forces you to mimic the target. NO BACKSIES.
  • Assassin
    • Invisibility – Lowered cost to 6 CON from 8 CON.
    • Disguise – Lowered cost to 6 CON from 8 CON.
  • Pirate
    • Remove Scurvy – Lowered cost to 8 CON from 10 CON. No longer once per game.
  • Thief
    • Pickpocket – Now gives the Butterfly Knife item.
    • Shoplift – Now gets more difficult depending on the cost of the item.
    • Sprint – See Explorer notes above.
  • Mad Scientist – REWORK
    • Corrosive Spray (NEW) – Marks a target and they no longer have ARM for the next turn
    • Forced Blood Donation (NEW) – Deal weapon DMG, then heal someone for the same amount
    • Malpractice – Combined with the former Improvised Medical Tool which has been removed. Basically your guns heal and your healing hurts.
    • Amputate – Heals a target for base amount but removes a limb. Use it offensively. It’ll be fun.
1.1 – Breaking and Entering Campaign, Outlaws, Ios Research Base
STAM Changes
  • Base Human STAM reduced to 10 (from 20)
    • All damage felt pretty weak. This will make both players and NPCs feel more dangerous and make combat snappier.
END Changes
  • END bonus now gives a small damage shield at 5 END. At the start of every combat, players get a 1 point shield shield with no regen. Once depleted, the shield will not regen even if the player is healed to full STAM.
  • END gives +1 point to bonus shield per every 5 END
Other Changes
  • Melee counter attack removed
    • Does anyone remember using this? Us either. The AGL buffs and consistent ranged damage make this rather pointless.
  • Shields will no longer regen after being completely depleted in combat. Shields regen normally at the beginning of a turn as long as 1 point of shields remains
    • Now fights in a 3 on 1 won’t drag on for hours because of shields
1.0 – Breaking and Entering Campaign, Outlaws, Eon Station
  • AGL hit roll bonus applies to all ranged weapons, not just Rifles and Pistols
  • AGL gives +1 bonus per 5 AGL
  • Heavy Weapons hit rolls now are affected by AGL bonus
  • END bonus now gives damage reduction bonus at 10 END. Players roll upon taking damage, a high roll reduces or blocks damage
  • END gives +1 roll bonus to Damage Reduction per 10 END
  • Melee Weapons now can be counter attacked on low rolls
0.9 – Prison Arena Playtest
  • AGL hit roll bonus applies to only Rifles and Pistols
  • AGL gives +1 bonus per 10 AGL
  • END gives +1 hit roll bonus to Heavy Weapons per 10 END
  • Base Human STAM is 20