Installing the Mod

Here we have the basic instructions for getting a game of Sol up and running in Tabletop Simulator.

1. Download Tabletop Simulator

Go into Steam and download Tabletop Simulator to your computer. If you don’t have Tabletop Simulator, you can purchase it directly from Steam or through Steam’s website Here.

2. Subscribe to the Sol Mod on Steam Workshop

Go to the Sol Mod page on Steam’s Workshop. Make sure to log in with your Steam Account and click on Subscribe. Go to your Steam Client and launch Tabletop Simulator and you’ll automatically download the entire mod within seconds.

3. Load the Sol Mod In-Game

Start a new game in Tabletop Simulator, single player or multiplayer. On the GAMES panel that opens, click Steam Workshop in the upper left hand corner, then select the Sol Campaign mod from the list. Wait patiently while it loads and you’re all set.