The Game

Ever want to barter with pirates on a space station, battle aliens by smashing them with a door, or crash and spaceship into a base while blaring music out the back of your stolen dropship? Then Sol is the game for you, because not only can you do those things but Sol wants you to do them.

Live the dream. Create that tough-as-nails, futuristic space warrior with a heart of gold only to watch them get splattered by the very angry alien with a giant ice warhammer. In Sol, it can happen.

Sol is an action-adventure style tabletop role-playing game, or RPG, where half the fun is exploring a constantly growing universe and the other half is killing everything you find there. If this isn’t your first time with tabletop RPG’s, head to the Game Rules and jump in head first. The full game with all the custom designed cards we’ve made is available digitally as a free mod for Tabletop Simulator, which you can buy on Steam. Once you’ve downloaded Tabletop Simulator, just head over to Installing the Mod and you can start playing in minutes.

If this is your first tabletop RPG, welcome friend! In an RPG, one person takes on the role of a Game Master (GM) who acts as the creator of the world and story while the rest of the players create and control individual characters who live in that world. You can have any number of players, but Sol plays best with 4-5 Players.

The core of any tabletop RPG is choice and freedom. The players can try to do anything they want in the world. Talk with anyone, be anyone. How successful they are only depends on their dice rolls. We tried to create Sol with choice in mind. And with a straight forward but diverse stat system, 21 Playable Classes, multiple Races, and over 200 and counting items we hope no two characters ever feel the same.

Sol is also the first live updating tabletop RPG, with new content constantly being released as we create it every few weeks. Expect new classes, new items, and even entirely new game features to appear as we add to the game. And with the Tabletop Simulator mod, once you’ve subscribed all updates and automatically added to your game.

You can also contact us with any comments, concerns, ideas or any other general feedback. Just head over to our Contact page and give us a shout.